Stealing Away Goodness and Great Movies

This has been a month oozing with goodness. It’s filling me up and I’m tucking it down, holding on for when it gets cold and the snow starts and I seem to forget that it’s not always going to be twenty degrees outside. As you can tell, I’m a fan of summer.

Friday’s goodness came to me unexpectedly. Remember that contest I got nominated for? The one for the Six of the Month? Well, I won. I won the whole entire thing! When I logged into the website on Friday morning, I just kind of stared at the screen and said, “What the…”. And my little sister’s in the other room, going, “What happened?” And I’m waving her over, “Come here, come here,” and pointing at the screen. And then she freaks out, so I freak out, and pretty soon we’re both jumping up and down screaming and hugging each other. Those are the moments I live for. Those are the moments I save for a rainy day.

As I read further, I learned I’ll be headlining the newest 6s book, called 6s: Half A World Away. It’ll be available on CreateSpace starting Friday. I’ll post details once they send me a link for it, so check back later for that.

In other news, I’ve been blessed in the movie and book department lately. This past week, I watched Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island which left me stunned. Same with Inception, which I watched Saturday. Both of them were so well-written, so well crafted, that I’m just hoping someday I can write something that brilliant. What killed me (both times), was probably the ending. If anyone can tell me for sure what it means–“what does this mean?!” as Rainbow Guy would say–I will feel so much better. The endings for both were ambiguous in the most painfully perfect way. What happens after the camera stops is up to you. And of course, I’m a Leo fan.

It’s been a Leonardo DiCaprio and apparently Joseph Gordon Levitt filled week, as I watched (500) Days of Summer last night, too.


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