Problems spread like oil in water.

Ignored problems don’t go away. They spread.

The Stalnakers know that better than a lot of us. They’re still reeling from the Gulf Coast Oil Spill that devastated families along the coast more than a year ago. And what they really need, more than ever, is a used car.

That’s why Love Drop is gathering its resources to help them out. Last month, it raised more than $6,000 for the Kahlen family, whose daughter has tuberous sclerosis. The Stalnakers are currently borrowing car #3, the first two cars having died. And anyone without a car knows it’s not easy to get around when there’s not solid public transportation.

Despite all this and the setbacks they’re facing, the Stalnakers believe in giving back. This month’s video gives only a glimpse into Joy and Tony Stalnaker’s kindness and generosity. But who wouldn’t want to help someone who gives even when they don’t have the money themselves?

Trecee, one of Joy Stalnaker’s students, had only good things to say about her in the video.

“For instance, if you need money one day, she’d give you her last. Ms. Stalnaker’s really that sweet,” Trecee said in the video. “She will really give you her last.”

Often, I wonder if there’s got to be balance in the world when it comes to kindness. Do people like the Stalnakers have to suffer because someone else out there isn’t kind enough? I hope not. I sure hope not.

So fellow bloggers, what can you do to make sure the drop goes down successfully?

1. Donate a few dollars to this month’s family – the Stalnakers.
2. Spread the word and become part of the Blogger Network.
3. Help them get a car. If you’re in any way affiliated with someone in the automotive industry and might be able to help out, email Nate and J. Money.
4. Give a gift or service – gift cards, acts of kindness, etc. The Love Drop website has a wish list on there for the family.

As always, you guys are the best. You have heart and kindness and I’m sure you’ll find something you can offer. I know nobody has a lot to give, but every little bit helps.


One response to “Problems spread like oil in water.

  1. Jon Michael

    Yes !! Love drop is a wonderful thing, nate’s project truly changes the lives of so many people for the better. I’m so glad you’re a part of this!

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