I’m sure you’re about as likely to seduce a stop sign as I am to curtsy at a traffic light.

Tell you what, little girl: you stop flirting with the speed limit and he’ll stick around.

That’s right. Don’t you bat one more eyelash at that bright neon sign.

slow down, jeep, girl, wait for the boy to find you

What, you’re probably thinking, could she be talking about? I’m sure you’re about as likely to seduce a stop sign as I am to curtsy at a traffic light.

But have you—or have you not—eased into the left lane on the highway against your better judgment? Have you swerved to the right just in time to miss a date with Disaster instead of Dexter or Dustin or Dane?

Have you, my darling, put your insecurities and hesitations, your rational thoughts and dignified dress code, aside for the sake of some Mystery Man?

You haven’t met him yet. Or maybe you have.

His hair falls in front of his eyes so you can’t tell what he’s looking at. He never leaves the house without an extra motorcycle helmet. He douses himself in Axe cologne to lure you in.

You know him.

Now girl: there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Maybe he’s too tight on cash for a haircut or he’s a representative for a bike safety organization. Maybe he just really wants to smell nice.

I’m not saying bad boys aren’t fun.

But girl, don’t go compromising your good, beautiful self for the boy who pushes you one skirt length too short past your comfort zone.

Don’t let Dustin or Dane or Dexter, Kyle or Kevin or Corey push you into some mold he created.

My hope is that you never find yourself cruising at 95 miles per hour down a winding highway against your better judgment, flirting with the speed limit.

Or full on handing yourself over to it, if you really are doing 95 in a 55.

Because I promise he’ll find you, no matter how quickly you drive from Point A to Point B.

He’ll be the loyal type, leaning against the hood of his pickup truck or Porsche—whichever you prefer—waiting for the girl who knew herself and held true to that.

He’ll be whoever you want him to be, but here’s the key: you get to pick him.

You get to decide what he looks like, how he acts, what he values. All that good stuff. Just by being the kind of girl you want to be for him.

He’ll find you sooner or later.


5 responses to “I’m sure you’re about as likely to seduce a stop sign as I am to curtsy at a traffic light.

  1. Love this metaphor… I feel like I’ve been down that road before but now I think he’s found me. =)

  2. Lucky girl (and lucky him). That gives the rest of us hope!

  3. I was that girl at one point. I allowed some guy who didn’t care about me at all to take some of that innocense from me. I had values and I had a standard, but stupid me was curious and kept playing with fire. I still kept that which was most valuable to me, but those moments when I should’ve said stop or hung up the phone still haunt me. I’ll always regret my lack of judgement during that time, but I did learn to be more firm with my standards and I married a great guy who loves that about me. There is hope. Never drop your standard and never lose hope, he’s waiting for you somewhere.

  4. I love the thought you ended on.

  5. Thanks. I like to believe its true. He’ll find you when you’re not looking, you know?

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