Who + What Make You Come Alive?

A good friend of mine walked into my life last December and demanded two simple but crucial things from me:

1)    That I remember how deep friendships can run from miles away.

2)    That I be myself: messy and sure and unsure and excited and silly.

I had, at that time, plenty of reason to just seal my lips and stop my texts and not befriend anyone new – but I had this belief that if you’re gonna be yourself, you might as well be yourself for everyone.

And so I was myself from Day 1. And so was she. And we are still exchanging late night text messages and delving into life’s deep questions while the world rolls over to twist off lamp light bulbs and swat alarm clocks.

So when she brought up the idea of making resolutions for 2013? Well, I had to be honest with her: I wanted 2013 to be better, but I was afraid to define what “better” looked like. As long as that definition wasn’t pinned down—especially not in our text message thread—I wouldn’t have to worry about disappointment.

I’ve made some difficult decisions in 2012. But what I’ve come to realize is that difficult doesn’t mean bad.

Driving home from work last night, I thought to myself, “Our lives are hard and good.”

Our lives are hard and (but?) good. I can’t speak for you. But I thought about the people in my life who make getting up a little bit easier each morning and the ones who make coming home feel like Christmas every time, and I realized that their lives were interwoven with tragedy and heartbreak, tough breaks and big leaps, and that they had run pretty freaking fearlessly into the wind, the storms, the scary moments and come out alive.

We do it every single day. We come out alive. And rarely, oh rarely, do we credit ourselves for that tough skin we’ve got.

Do me a favor when you make your resolutions this year: find out who + what makes you come alive and clutch those suckers like the Mayans were right.

And if you’re feeling brave, tell me about it. I love those kinds of stories.

Note: This post was heavily inspired by the exorbitant amount of country music flowing through my eardrums for the last eight months.


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