19 Things I Learned In College (Among Many Others)

For most of this blog’s existence, I’ve learned things because I was in college. And it was hard. And it was painful. And it was stretching me more and more for real life.

Thankfully, I documented those lessons and typed them on web pages and pressed publish so no matter how much I would like to journal by hand, at least I have a record of what eye-opening moments showed up on my doorstep for three years.

Something told me you all might love some of that insight – especially if you’re in college or sinking waist deep into life.

1)    Work hard when you’re young and don’t ask for much in return.

2)    When you decide you want to change the world, make friends with TED.

3)    More stuff changes than stays the same. Be OK with that.

4)    Good books can (and should) be read in a weekend.

5)    Don’t forget, you’re worth loving.

6)    So is your body.

7)    From humility comes greatness.

8)    Celebrities, the good ones, are driven by love.

9)    Your children need guidance; beautiful, no-holds-barred guidance.

10) Everybody is bound to be a character in another writer’s novel someday, just as we are bound to be accidental extras in a tourist’s photograph.

11) Sometimes, all the food bloggers of the world get together and bake with more than flour + sugar in mind.

12) Fear stops us from being alive.

13) Being a nerd is freaking awesome.

14) You’re going on one really long, terribly winding, probably zigzagging journey. And your car salesman just wants you to know that.

15) You’ve got to hold some words like they’re currency in this broken life.

16) Love your friends really ridiculously hard.

17) Take the cupcake.

18) Use your voice.

19) And then do me a favor? Meet this girl. Her ratio of body mass to ounces of love is downright not mathematical.


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