Start Here

How To Save A Life
To The Girls Who Would Like To Be Skinnier Tomorrow
Middle school boys with too many girls to dance with inside dark cafeterias were not meant to feel like Less Than Enough.
We need an army of imperfect girls, nourished daughters.
And so here I am, vulnerably presenting to you the mindset of a 19-year-old girl who jumps off the deep end and seeks solace in the wrong kind of comfort.

In case you weren’t listening, I’ll say it once more.
When her fingers start texting The One Who Broke Her.
A couple thousand words beyond Goodbye, Goodbye, I don’t think I love you anymore.
We hover by our cell phones, sure that this time he will pick up the I’m Sorry Game like he should.
The Heartbreak Healer. The Boyfriend Bully. The Future Finder.
Someone Somewhere Won’t Want To Break You
Hopeless Romantic: One Who Writes Books To Fall In Love
And then you’re wondering if you’re going to end up in love forever or just this week.
Target is the last place to take a broken girl.

This Thing Called Catholicism
Thanks, Speedy God
That Sunday-Monday Feeling
The Girl Jesus Asked To His Middle School Dance
If Jesus had a car thousands of years ago, you think he would’ve passed that up in favor of walking across the desert for 40 days?
Letters To God on the Interstate

She’ll whisper “Call Me Maybe,” but never, “You Better.” Never “I’ve Been Waiting For You Forever.
My Friendship Manifesto
Twenty-one is just another barrier standing between her and the rest of the world.
The nice girl gets her secret holiday.
We share stories on the phone between January 1 and December 31 because that’s what you do when only the power lines string you together.
I am just a dot on the spinner of a Twister board.
Magical Friendship Stories

Leave My Light On, Even If I Never Come Back
The Things My Car Has Seen
Red Rover, Red Rover. Send The L Word Over.
We are all together in this secret of Not Knowing.
Maybe this time he will tell me what doors I’m allowed to keep.
The art of forgetting. The act of remembering. The ache of knowing.
We have become the best version of ourselves.

Truth In Fiction: The Sticky, Heart-Shattering Stories
Write Your Heart Down
My Lights Are On For You
Things have changed since you cracked my spine and settled into a beanbag chair.
You deserve eyes that see playhouses in office stores and lessons in the way she fixes her coffee.
An Open Letter To Sarah Dessen
Nobody knows what’s in the notebook but everyone imagines something.



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  1. Hi, I think you are very pretty in photos here.

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