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February Discoveries

Because I have been drowning in goodness lately, this month’s Discoveries list is – hopefully – particularly beautiful. I hope you find some gems of wisdom and inspiration and hold them close on this leap year.

Because I am an intern. Kelsey, or “the lion-haired girl,” wrote a beautiful post about the things we do not for money but out of love and the desire to learn and soak up all that we can. It’s heartbreakingly true and ultimately encouraging.

Leap Year Project. Based on a simple premise—that 2012 is the year to leap feetfirst into our big dreams and desires—the site is a network for individuals doing just that. If ever you needed a little push into the scary unknown, have a look.

20 Essential TED talks for Future Leaders. It’s no secret I am a TED talk addict. While I haven’t watched all twenty, I highly recommend Seth Godin’s talk on standing out and Ron Gutman on the hidden power of smiling.

It Gets Better Project. This non-profit organization centers on that simple sentence: “It gets better.” Vloggers from around the world record their messages for bullied youth, particularly LGBT teens.

Things That Change. I love me some Hannah Katy posts. This month, she crafted this memory and brought it to life for us, forcing readers to reconcile with the things that change and things that go unsaid when life splits two people toward opposite places.

It Only Takes A Girl. Started by a highschooler, this video project tells the startling story of girls around the world who are mistreated and missing out on a deserved life.

It is about us. Haley Kristine’s post on Good Women Project invites us to consider the male perspective in taking a leap and entering a relationship.

Colour Lovers. I am beyond addicted to this website. It has tools for creating color palettes for web design, print design, logos, banners, interior decoration, and so much more. And it includes hex codes for corporate brands, too.


January Discoveries

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my Discoveries series, each month I do a roundup of the things I loved most, the beautiful projects and ideas and videos I stumbled upon on this world wide web. January was so so good to me.

“Let It Go” by Eddy. First of all, she’s a rock star. Literally. But on top of that, this music video is a can’t-stop-listening message of empowerment that’s oh so catchy.

Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie. Anyone who’s ever wanted to start a movement, a project, or give back needs to read this book. I read it in less than 36 hours, and the whole time I felt an itching to get up and make a difference.

Being Young And Making An Impact. This TED video tells the story of Natalie Warne, an 18-year-old who changed the world with a little bit of perseverance and a whole lot of sleepless nights. If you’re young and feeling like you have no voice, this is a must-watch.

John Green’s interview with NPR. Something about audio recordings by NPR get me. They just pull me back to a time when radio was the only means of entertainment. You can hear, in John’s voice, the genuine passion and commitment he has both to writing novels and his fan base. It’s refreshing.

Adam Braun’s Zeitgeist video. When Adam was 24, he founded Pencils of Promise, an organization that has shaped a new way of giving back. If you’re looking for purpose, he will hand it to you and make you do something to change the world.

How About We. This is a just-for-fun dating site that I found a few weeks ago, after someone posted about it on Twitter. Simple concept: post a date by ending the phrase “How about we…”

Simon Sinek‘s “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” on TED. This presentation explains why some companies and organizations are more innovative and successful than others. Anyone trying to start something or gain a following should consider their “why.”